The annual Serengeti Wildebeest Migration is, quite simply, a drama in two acts: the dramatic dash for freedom as the herds cross the deadly Mara River on their march from Kenya, and the remarkable months of calving in the lush grasslands of the south. And with Olakira Camp itself migrating twice per year, you’ll always have a front-row seat to the action.
With the expertise of top guides, the camp has year round access to the finest areas in the Serengeti for game viewing. Game drives are the main activity at Olakira Camp.

In the evening, guests gravitate towards the campfire to reflect on the day’s adventures. Here under the Serengeti stars, the friendliest staff share stories and serve a delicious dinner few would imagine possible in the middle of the wilderness.


Game Drives

Wildlife viewing and bird watching game drives are offered twice per day. Experienced guides encourage guests to see and experience the Serengeti through their eyes, sharing a world of small and large wonders that only they truly know and understand. Guests can arrange full days in the bush with picnic lunches or shorter excursions returning to enjoy the tranquility of camp.

Featured itineraries including Olakira
10 Day Migration & Primates
Your first few days will be an introduction to the classic Tanzanian safari experience. From there it is a short flight to the Serengeti National Park, home to the famous wildebeest migration.

Next you will find yourself staying at Rubondo Island Camp, in Lake Victoria. Then relax for 3 nights at Rubondo Island Camp to end off.
Asilia camps & lodges in this itinerary:
Olakira Camp, Rubondo Island Camp
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9 Day Magical Migration
Firmly focused on witnessing the best of the annual Migration, this itinerary combines Kenya and Tanzania to create a safari holiday that will absorb the Migration from all the best angles.

Naboisho Camp allows for an activity-based safari before heading into the thick of the Migration with river crossings at Rekero Camp and Olakira Camp.

  ** Asilia Africa properties only.  
Asilia camps & lodges in this itinerary:
Naboisho Camp, Olakira Camp, Rekero Camp
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